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Luggie Scooter - The Luggie - Folding Travel Scooter

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Easiest Most Reliable Travel Scooter

We are proud to be the most trusted and largest distributer of the Luggie Scooter in North America. We are experts of the Luggie and we are here to support you after the sale. The Luggie is an intelligently designed folding travel scooter that is very easy to fold up and take with you in your car or on a plane to your favorite vacation spot overseas. It is completely airline safe and TSA and FAA compliant.

Note on Luggie Parts: We can only provide parts to customers who have bought their Luggie scooter directly from us and not another online vender. We get many calls from customers who have bought their scooter from another online dealer and now cannot get parts from them. We sympathize but again we unfortunately will only be able to provide customers in our database with parts and support.