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Description of Luggie Scooter

The Luggie is a compact and rugged folding travel scooter with great turning radius and stability. It is the perfect solution for any kind travel by plane, train, bus, car or cruise ship. Our customers love how easy the Luggie scooter is to fold up with out any tools. You'll never have to get on your hands and knees again to take apart and put back together your scooter. The record for unfolding a Luggie is a mere 23 seconds! Once folded, the Luggie rolls along conveniently like a travel suitcase. Experience for yourself the simplicity and reliability of the world's best designed folding travel scooter.

MODELS: There are 3 Luggie scooter models - the Classic, Standard and Elite.

  1. CLASSIC - The most economic model with SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Batteries & 250 Lb weight capacity.

  2. STANDARD - with light weight & quick charging 8.5 AH lithium battery & 250 Lb weight capacity. 

  3. ELITE - with light weight & quick charging 10.5 AH lithium battery, wider seat & 320 Lb weight capacity.  

            For more detailed info, click this link to COMPARE LUGGIE MODELS


Classic: Red, Black

Standard: Yellow, Red, Blue, Champagne, Black, Pink (Limited Edition) & Ivory (Limited Edition)

Elite: Yellow, Red, Blue, Champagne, Black, Pink (Limited Edition), Purple (Limited Edition), Ivory (Limited Edition) & Camouflage (Limited Edition)